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No matter how hard governments try to regulate it, the Cryptocurrency industry is still alive and kicking. Since the topic is quite ambiguous to the general public, frauds use it to scam people out of their money, with what looks like a genuine investment opportunity. If you fell into a Cryptocurrency scam, please contact us now. By helping you get your money back, we might be able to stop those frauds from scamming others.

Investment Scam Recovery at PayBack

Cryptocurrency scams are prevalent money frauds nowadays. With the given situation concerning health precautions, the digital world is booming. Transactions are usually done online to avoid any physical interaction that could allow any transmission to happen. 

One of the ways to do financial interactions is cryptocurrency. It is also known as Bitcoin. Although no actual physical interaction between two parties is made, there are still unlikely tendencies that would hinder the transaction. 

What is Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are alike. They are hyponyms. Cryptocurrency is the general term, while Bitcoin is the more specific and popular term. 

While it sounds impossible to first-timers and unfamiliar ones, this modern way of accessing the money is indeed happening. There is no need to doubt and ask, “Is Bitcoin scam or legit?” It is legitimated and is already adopted in the current world.

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. It is a novel form of the digital asset derived from and secured by cryptography. This new form of currency is based on blockchain technology in which Bitcoin is coined. Its most outstanding feature, aside from being accessed online, is its decentralized structure. It means that it is independent and does not depend on banks or any government interference. 

This system is very flexible. It can accommodate savings and be used for spending. Payments can now be made online with cryptocurrencies. This digital money is sometimes referred to as tokens.

As mentioned, the vulnerability of this type of currency is high. Provided that it is decentralized, there is a wide array of scammers around, preying. 

How to scam Bitcoins?

Bitcoin scammers are preying anywhere when there is an opportunity seen. Bitcoin users must be confused about how it is done. How did they become victims of Bitcoin scams? Here is how it works. provides 14 most common ways of crypto scam:

This Bitcoin scams list is just one of the many possibilities to intrude on one’s digital wallet. There are more ways of Bitcoin investment scams that users should avoid. 

What is Bitcoin mining scam?

Bitcoin mining is a painstaking way to get tokens. Since mining has a magnetic appeal to people, many are interested in trying it. Basically, miners dig for valuable crypto tokens that can sometimes be seen as an entrepreneurial act. Through this, users can earn tokens without any money down. Its process is done by completing blocks of transactions that will be added to the blockchain. 

Interestingly, rewards are awaiting these miners, which makes them linger for it. They are given incentives that motivate them to help in the main purpose of mining, which is to support, legitimize, and monitor the Bitcoin network, including its blockchain.

Users became more vulnerable by getting involved with scam Bitcoin sites. The existence of numerous Bitcoin sites results in the Bitcoin generator scam. It is easy for these untrusted companies to do a cryptocurrency scam, especially without owning any hardware. In fact, most Bitcoin mining companies are scams, so beware. 

What is Bitcoin wallet scam?

A Bitcoin wallet is a property of Bitcoin users. Similar to physical wallets, cryptocurrency also has its digital wallet. Apparently, it is where the tokens are stored that will be used for any transactions. 

This is the part where it gets scarier. Assuming that users have acquired or stored lots of tokens in the Bitcoin wallet, then it gets stolen by an unknown source. It is indeed frustrating if this happens because there are no backups since it is said that cryptocurrency is a decentralized system. 

Bitcoin wallet scams are prevalent on the internet. There are countless factors to keep on mind to ensure the security of the tokens. Included in these factors are malware and viruses. Users may be surprised to know this. These threats do not just hinder the computer’s operation but could also be more intruding to the point where personal activities are at risk. So, be mindful of opening websites and emails, for it might be phishing. Secure all accounts, too, to prohibit these threats from entering. 

Bitcoin scams in India

A hot topic in cryptocurrency right now is the recent local Bitcoin scams in India. The scam is circulating in a country where cybercriminals are using a fake mobile app to target high-income individuals. This local Bitcoin scam is undeniably a great strategy done by hackers, which could possibly happen to other countries as well.

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin and the Chargeback Industry

The cryptocurrency system is way different from others. While others are open to chargebacks, Bitcoin has nothing to do with it. It does not recognize the chargeback industry due to its decentralized system. It means that it is close to impossible in most cases to initiate a chargeback. 

This system of blocking chargebacks made merchants very interested in cryptocurrency. Transactions online are independent free from charges and are indeed an appealing quality. Although it is assured that Bitcoins are mostly immune to hackers because of its blockchain structure, users still need to remain cautious of their transactions online.

Get your money back with PayBack

In any instance that tokens are lost due to cryptocurrency scams, PayBack can back up victims. The company is wealth recovery experts composed of lawyers and specialists experienced in the field and legal matters. Cybercriminals roaming around and looking for their next victims will be tracked down and charged for unlawful acts. They ensure victims to retrieve the lost money to the rightful owner. 

This excellent composition of experts is backed up by the reviews of the victims who have successfully got their money back. This reputable company in the wealth recovery industry gives aid to local Bitcoin scams. It has served many clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

If involved in cryptocurrency and got scammed, PayBack can guarantee a quality service to help the victims. To free from Bitcoin scams, victims who seek assistance can access the website at any time. Aside from the online consultation, they can also accommodate physical discussion regarding the matter in their main office in Israel. The office hours are from Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-7:00 PM, and on Sundays until 2:00 PM. Contact the given hotlines or check their website for further details about this company.


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