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Thousands of fraudulent binary options brokers appear every year and it’s our mission to fight back. If you’ve been scammed by your Broker, please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we confront them, the sooner we will be able to get your money back.

Binary Trading Scam Recovery At PayBack

Scams are everywhere on the internet. The fact that they are prevalent stems from the knowledge that some people still fall for false and untrustworthy claims. There are a lot of scammers who appear legitimate and therefore it’s hard to spot those who are genuine and those who are fraudulent.

It is not wrong to trust someone with your money and investments. However, the moment you fall victim to fraud, you should take action. Where binary options scams as well as binary trading frauds are concerned, PayBack will get your money back.

To avoid scams and educate yourself on binary options, read on to find out more about them.

Is Binary Options A Scam?

By definition, a binary option is a product of a financial transaction wherein the purchaser acquires a payout or loses the investment, in view of the option expiring in the cash or money. Binary options typically rely on the result of a proposition of either yes or no – that is why it’s called a ‘binary’. 

They usually have a set time or date of expiration, where once it expires, the price of the fundamental resource or asset should be on the right half of the strike price which will depend on trade taken in order for the trader himself to generate a profit.

When the option expires, the trader’s account is then consequently charged or credited with the amount of gain or loss from the trade.

In short, binary options is a form of betting with the odss being fixed and where traders bet your money on the outcome of whether the asset will go up or not. If they are correct on their bet, they receive a full investment in return, and if not, they simply lose everything. 

Binary options is not actually a scam, per se. However, there are more fraudulent companies are traders than legitimate ones. Today, the whole idea of binary options revolves around the scam it offers.

These binary options scams are usually advertised on social media sites. They pose as a legitimate and professional-looking website to front their binary scam. These fraud firms tend to exploit software to fake prices as well as contort payouts and close the trading accounts of their clients all of a sudden and prevent them from getting their money back.

Binary scams commonly offer rates and financial products that are over the top and are too good to be true. They do this to entice people to invest and then run with their money afterwards

Is Binary Trading A Scam?

Binary trading is the process of investing and getting into the binary options business. It is an online trading process that allows you to predict whether the assets on the front are going to rise or not, by which you have to either choose a yes or no answer.

It is one of the most popular cryptocurrency tradings on the blockchain space and market. Because of its prominence, binary trading scams have been everywhere. While they are legal and not originally a scam, the fact that it has been used by fraudulent people as a front for their scams has tarnished its reputation online.

A binary trading scam typically offers ‘instant money’ to potential clients using advertisements on social media. Because more and more people are carrying smartphones and are logging into various sites, getting their audience is easy. There are also binary option trading scams that have brokers who call and fake celebrity endorsements. What’s more, they make claims that potential clients can start trading without spending any money.

Binary options are not necessarily bad nor is it inherently good. If you have been victims because of fraudulent brokers, you can get your money back with PayBack. If you have been offered to invest, be smart about it.

Is Binary Option Robot A Scam?

Binary Option Robot is a software that allows people to start trading using the application. It allows for automated trading in the field of binary options. Because of its automatic nature that lets traders trade online with no sweat and a specific set of commands, it has attracted a lot of them.

While this is all good, the robot actually scams people into making investments and the broker that is operating it gets all the money to himself. Even its offer as a free software stands with an ulterior motive. Some traders would be disappointed to find that they are not making any money at all with the software. While it promises being operated by trading professionals, it is actually a scam hiding under fake testimonials.

Binary Options And Chargeback

Where scam in binary options and scams are concerned, the chargeback industry is a leverage for those who have been victimized by frauds.

Chargeback is created as a method for protection of consumers in case of a dispute in transaction in order to retrieve their money using credit or debit card.This method seizes the money from the account of the broker and gives it back to the carrier of the card.

If you have been victimized by a binary option scam, the chargeback method can help you acquire the investment back. On the other hand, the chargeback claim needs to be accepted first before actually receiving the money. In a sense, chargebacks for online trading have the power to terminate the transaction with the broker to get the deposit back.

However, claims need to be valid to win the case. 


PayBack helps its clients with their chargeback claims and retrieves the money back from binary options scams, binary trading scams, or from the binary option robot fraud.

The company is adept at recovering funds for those who have been victims of fraud and binary options scams. PayBack has an experienced team of lawyers and attorneys who have acquired money from fraudulent transactions for the victims who have trusted them. They are composed of fund recovery specialists and professionals who, by several methods of collecting evidence and tracking down cybercriminals, have served millions of clients worldwide.

As a victim, you do not have to sit still and let it all pass because you think it is impossible for you to get your money back in the face of online frauds. PayBack can help you recover your investments. Do not stand for scammers, get what’s yours back!


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