If you’ve been ripped off by scammers, get in touch and our team of experts will work to get your money back

How it works

Step 1

Review Your Claim

Step 1

We perform preliminary checks to ascertain is there is a case to answer for and whether such a case is winnable

Step 2

Gather the Evidence

Step 2

The next step is to run in-depth checks of relevant information to aid the case we bring forward

Step 3

Confront the Scammers

Step 3

We use the evidence acquired to force scammers, and the banks that hold theif funds, to release and retrieve the money that is rightly yours

Step 4

Get Your Money Back

Step 4

Our success rate stands at 90% and those who are successful receive 100% of the funds they are owed



Our team of experts secures refunds on a daily basis. We assist businesses as well as individuals in their pursuit of funds lost to scammers. Our goal is to continually improve in our endeavors and we are always here to help you in your fight for what is rightfully yours.


Instead of guessing just how likely you are to get your money back, and how much, we suggest using our Success Calculator. By providing us with the relevant details related to your situation, we are then better placed to assess the chances of you retrieving lost funds, as well as just how much these sums can add up to.


Why Work With Us?

The short answer: We will never take a case we think we can’t win. Your time is as valuable as ours, and that’s why we are completely transparent in our evaluation of every case. If it can’t be done, we will tell you so. But, if we will feel there is a case to answer, then we’ll get to work right away.


Our team consists of financial fraud experts as well as a hugely experienced, and successful, legel department and together they have years of expertise in the field. This is why we are ideally placed to fight your case and to defeat online trading scammers.

We are specialists in the fields of binary option, forex and cryptocurrency and this means we are adept at attacking scammers and beating them at their own game as we seek to get back every single cent you have lost.

Learn more about PayBack and the chargeback industry right here.

Online scams are prevalent among illegitimate shops and merchants on the internet today. It is laden with untrustworthy transactions that seek to victimize those who are vulnerable. While we guard ourselves against these dangerous tradings, there are times when they cannot be prevented. 

For instance, there are a lot of online markets and traders that can easily fool people by posing as a legitimate authority. They can be so real that not a lot of people can spot their real motives. Falling victim into this kind of scam can be really frustrating and painful, not just in our credits but also in our integrity as a buyer or a trader. While we think that all hope is lost, it’s not quite over.

PayBack’s funds’ recovery program has been helping consumers and users online recover what is rightfully theirs after being victimized by trading scams, trade platform scams, and the likes.

Funds recovery has been a prominent method of wealth recovery and scam money recovery. Due to this, there are also recovery scams that have been spreading online. With all the deceptions and frauds circulating on the internet, you must be smart about it.

For a legitimate wealth recovery expert, PayBack can help you. PayBack scam recovery has helped victims all over the world to retrieve their money with their wealth recovery experts on scams. For recovery funds in the UK, they are adept at the area. To learn more about them and the trade industry, here is everything you need to know.

The Chargeback Industry

First and foremost, a chargeback is characterized as the action or process of filing a request for retrieval of funds by the customer either with a bank. 

Naturally, when a consumer buys something, he/she will provide the monetary price of the item or service that is required for the business transaction. However, on rare occasions, any consumer can file for a return of funds from the shop or merchant, either due to error in processing, disagreements, or possible fraud.

The chargeback method is created in consideration of the customer’s safety and protection from scams or any fraudulent scams in the marketplace. There are consumer protection codes in some parts of the world that make sure of the return of products in the case of detection of a scam. 

Some shops require a tedious refund process to prevent consumers from asking for a refund since they would have to go through a lot of trouble just for repayment. Hence, the chargeback industry is useful in this account.

Rather than the conventional means of asking for the money back, the chargeback method asks the bank directly for a refund rather than the shop or merchant itself. Chargebacks are designed to provide consumers with security when shopping online and ensure that sellers remain transparent and prevent them from selling bogus products or services.

Funds Recovery with PayBack

PayBack offers this kind of service with wealth recovery experts and fund recovery specialists – ensuring that you get your investments back from scammers. However, what really is funds recovery?

In a nutshell, funds recovery is a service that is both consultative and investigative in its approach. This is a service employed by victims that have been duped by online fraudulent crimes to retrieve their money from bogus merchants and trader scams. 

Funds recovery services like PayBack specialize in handling internet scams online and lend a hand in providing refunds and reimbursements to the targets through the use of arguments and disputes, along with digital fingerprints track downs, analysis of cyber transactions, and an in-depth investigation.

Companies that provide funds recovery services have a high chance of a successful crypto scam recovery, Bitcoin scam recovery, scam money recovery, and wealth recovery.

When PayBack receives a complaint from victims, they immediately work and review the details of the situation. For a successful recovery, funds recovery review or scam recovery review of the claims must be done, and pieces of evidence must be gathered.

The complaint must be valid, and the terms and conditions of the company must be followed.

Recover From Online Trading Scams

These questions linger among those who have fallen target to online trading scams. Forex and Cryptocurrencies have shaped the trading markets quite differently. Nowadays, more and more people have been susceptible to these scams.

However, with PayBack, getting your money back quickly is not a problem.

Scams in online trading are connected to investment scams that are prevalent in the trading markets. They are often posted and advanced on social media sites, with fraud traders promising high returns along with popular endorsements from prominent people to encourage and attract people to trade and invest with them.

They pose as professionals with legitimate-looking websites to trick people into their scams.

PayBack provides solace for any online trading scams. The company helps people from trade platform scams and lets victims recover money from Bitcoin scam.

About PayBack

PayBack LTD only has one mission: to protect people from frauds and scams online worldwide, whatever it takes. They help victims of fraud online to recover what is rightfully theirs with their wealth recovery experts, scam money recovery professionals, and fund recovery specialists.

The company focuses on unregulated Forex and Binary Options Brokers and has already handled millions of victims around the globe with a high turnover. In July alone, they have recovered more than $300,000 funds and money from frauds. 

The team is composed of skilled experts and professionals with magnificent long-time experience. They help you avoid recovery scams, as they are legitimate field specialists with a great deal of knowledge and experience in dealing with the forex industry, banking internationally, and the law of cybercrime enforced on the internet.

As a fund recovery agency, PayBack helps people conduct safe online transactions and provide services in the area of refunds and cancellations, forex and binary options scams, and other types of online frauds. 

Where recovery scams are prevalent, PayBack is the safer choice. They specialize in recovery funds in the UK and extends their services on:

Funds recovery reviews, as well as scam recovery reviews, are available on their website and other review sites. Furthermore, they are a certified company of TrustPilot as a funds recovery dome.

If you have been victimized, you have the right to recover what you have lost. With the chargeback industry in effect and the professionals of PayBack, get back what is yours. 


Let us know how we can help and we’ll get right back to you in due course