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Blacklisted Brands

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We have produced a list of all the brands which we do not recommend on getting involved with.

We will keep this list updated constantly so you can be sure the brand you’re interested in isn’t involved in any activity that has raised suspicion.

For your convienience we have sorted the brands in five diffrent groups

  • Binary
  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Exchange
  • Software

Stay safe.


The rise of the internet age has also given rise to the internet scams. Opportunities to invest your money to make great returns in the latest technology and payment options of the future appeals to millions of people around the world, but has also opened up pitfalls for those unlucky enough to fall victim. Myself included.


If you have fallen victim to any of these blacklisted brands in a forex scam, binary options scam, crypto scam, or any others then contact the fund recovery specialists at PayBack ltd today!

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