Getting into Forex didn’t end with losing only my family savings, it ended with losing my family. When I understood it was all a scam, I felt devastated. With your help I got more than my money, you gave me hope for the future.

Michael Cowen

63 years old from Australia

After I realized I was one of many who was promised to become a millionaire in a month, I was sure I will never see my money again. Thanks to you guys, not only did I get to see my money again, we got back at them!

Huw Roberts

59 years old from England

I still can’t believe you got those thieves to give me back my money! Thank you so much! For those who got scammed by so-called “Financial Brokers”, I recommend you contact Payback LTD, professionals on every level.

Giampaolo Baldin

65 years old from Italy

I was a fool to risk my own house investing in Binary Options. When I lost everything, I had to take my children and move back to my parent's house. Thanks to PayBack, I got my money back and soon we’ll have a new home.

Monika Suchecka

35 years old from England

Payback LTD was founded to protect traders from unregulated Binary Option and Forex brokers. The company comprises of professionals with vast experience in the Forex industry and cybercrimes. For more than one decade, we have claimed funds for hundreds of victims worldwide.

The Process We Follow to Trace Misplaced or Lost Funds

We review the details of the complainant and collect all the necessary information, like correspondence with the merchant/broker, confirmation that the transaction actually occurred and the broker’s platform/web page. Without these details, the team is not able to get started for you. Because we respect privacy, your details are never sent to third parties.

Once you have helped us compile everything we need, we will confront the owners of the bank or the company in question. Lastly, we claim back your funds with a quick and secure method.

Payback LTD Services

We know the internet has become a huge part of people’s lives and that it comes with its fair share of challenges. The majority of websites offer genuine products and services and do a good job of safeguarding your information, but some companies have ulterior motives. This is where Payback LTD comes in. We retrieve funds from unregulated brokers and any other company committing online fraud. We offer a free consultation at any time.

Recently, our company cooked up the perfect formula for helping clients who cannot afford the funds retrieval process. You can help us take action for the downtrodden who can not afford their funds by donating to us. You can give your donation via MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal, and it will be used to support the people who can not afford our help.

Customer Testimonials

There are many genuine Payback LTD Reviews on our website that show customer satisfaction. Most clients had lost hope in life after giving away their hard-earned money to unregistered brokers. Currently, our site has a score of 4.4/5 which is a true testimony of our professionalism. We never give up when seeking the truth.


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