The services our company provides vary from fund retrieval from unregulated brokers or challenging fraudulent activity of any kind. Every claimant will receive full guidance and consultation from an experienced professional.

For the first time ever, shoppers are going to the web for most of their purchases.

An annual survey by analytics from Comscore found that consumers are now buying more things online than in stores.

As retail trends shift so do the maneuvers of online fraud companies. While it is certainly easier to find a smoking gun if a store employee stole your money, tracking down online perpetrators proves to be much more difficult.

So how can you Defend Yourself Online?

There are various situations when you might be able to adjust or cancel a payment and be refunded:

In case of fraud or false pretense you are entitled to a full refund and cancelation.

There are two types of trading brokers. There are compliant, regulated brokers and there are those that exist purely to misappropriate the funds of anyone who places trust in them. Navigating the thick spread of brokers can be likened to gambling and often doesn’t feel much different from roulette, especially when trading in Binary options. Binary brokers will likely lure you in with bonuses that cannot be withdrawn or will require you to use an automated system, thus draining your bank account in minutes.

They tend to use tricks that keep you well tied up in red tape, putting you further away from your funds. For example, with insured trades like RFT, should this trade lose, you will receive a bonus of the same amount. After sending documents and calling your account manager for the umpteenth time, you still will not see your funds, even if you go on to invest larger amounts.

Some people are too embarrassed to admit that they have been scammed. With these companies, it can often be difficult to know that you have been scammed at all. Pursuing action against your scammer reduces their funds and prevents companies from being able to attack other innocent bank accounts down the line.

Things to consider

Contact us and we will make sure that they will pay.

The internet plays a huge part in most people’s lives these days and as technology advances, so do the techniques of hackers, scammers, and blaggers.

In the same way that filmmakers use sophisticated tricks and effects, there are plenty of brokers out there that use their own illusions and false promises to part you with your cash or valuable information for fraudulent reasons.

Online scams wear many different disguises and go by many names, like consumer cybercrime, internet fraud, online crime, and e-crime. Whatever you choose to call it, having money stolen by a fraudulent company ruins lives.

The majority of websites do offer a genuine product or service and can be trusted to deliver on their promise, as well as take proper care of sensitive information you share with them. But there are those that do not and will use your information for their own gains. Payback is here to promote honest trading online and seek justice for those who have fallen victim to these types of companies. Tell us about your situation today by giving us a call.

The scammers are here to stay and while they are always improving their methods, Payback LTD has ways to stop them cold. We’re here to help victims of fraud and to put a stop to people becoming victims online. Remember to be careful and stay safe.

The Most Common Internet Scams


When we receive a complaint, we meticulously review the details to confirm that it is possible to get your money back. When we have established that the complaint is valid, and you accept our terms and agreements, we will immediately get to work.

You will work closely with one of our professionals after gathering all the evidence and information related to your complaint. We decide together on the method you wish to take going forward so we can retrieve your funds in the fastest and safest way possible.



To make sure that you will receive your funds back, we will need the following information.

Any additional information and proof you might have will assist us in the fast and safe retrieval of your funds.


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