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We help businesses and everyday people who have put their trust in the wrong corporations. Our goal is to hit back as hard as we can and rescue your investment.

Customer Testimonials

Michael Cowen

63 years old from Australia

Getting into Forex didn’t end with losing only my family savings, it ended with losing my family. When I understood it was all a scam, I felt devastated. With your help I got more than my money, you gave me hope for the future.

Huw Roberts

59 years old from England

After I realized I was one of many who was promised to become a millionaire in a month, I was sure I will never see my money again. Thanks to you guys, not only did I get to see my money again, we got back at them!

Giampaolo Baldin

65 years old from Italy

I still can’t believe you got those thieves to give me back my money! Thank you so much! For those who got scammed by so-called “Financial Brokers”, I recommend you contact Payback LTD, professionals on every level.

Monika Suchecka

35 years old from England

I was a fool to risk my own house investing in Binary Options. When I lost everything, I had to take my children and move back to my parent's house. Thanks to PayBack, I got my money back and soon we’ll have a new home.

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Dianne Douglass

Joy Wolf

Derrick Baker

Ellen Wright

Patrick Mendy

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