Risk-Free Investments: Do They Exist?

As we live through some of the most turbulent economic times in recent history, it’s totally understandable that more of us are looking for much safer places to squirrel away our savings, but are there any perfect risk-free investments out there, and how do we navigate today’s marketplace? The Benefits of Investing Whatever the state […]

Is Cryptocurrency Legit? Legal Issues Of “Unconventional” Currencies

Think cryptocurrency, and most people immediately think of Bitcoin. Amazingly, the king of cryptocurrency was first released and traded as recently as 2009. From small beginnings, experts now reckon Bitcoin has an astonishing market capitalization of over $350 billion. It’s clear that Bitcoin is here to stay. Where Bitcoin led, other cryptocurrencies followed. Although Bitcoin […]

Forex Trading vs Binary Options: Pros & Cons in Comparison

Binary options and forex are two of the most popular forms of trading. Whilst they share many common characteristics, they also have a number of fundamental differences. Let’s start off with a brief look at the history of each, before explaining how they work, and the pros and cons of forex trading vs binary options. […]

Risky Investment: How to Win or Lose a Fortune

It seems counter-intuitive, but negative interest rates are now a reality in several countries across the world. Institutions and high-worth individuals with money in savings accounts are actually seeing the value of their assets fall. This unprecedented situation raises important questions about high risk investment strategies. If you’re losing money by leaving it in the […]

Is Binary Options Legal? The Ins And Outs Of Binary Trading

Introduction Binary options are sometimes known as all-or-nothing options, and that phrase perfectly sums up what they’re about. Without going into too much detail, essentially you’re betting that an asset will be worth above a certain value at a certain time. If your prediction is correct, you’ll make a profit, but if you’re wrong, you’ll […]

Ten Steps To Take If You Lose Money In Forex

Introduction Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, it’s extremely easy for anyone to go online and start trading in forex. Unfortunately, it’s also just as easy to fall victim to any number of forex frauds, from phony brokers to dishonest “expert” advisors; from sham dummy companies to rogue automated trading systems. The potential for so much […]

Pros & Cons of Automated Trading Systems – All You Need to Know

Introduction What could be simpler than an automated trading system? Just program a computer to buy or sell stocks, shares, and foreign exchange when certain criteria are met, and away you go. You can set the system up to sell when a share falls below a certain price or to buy euros when the exchange […]

How to protect yourself from online scams – Top Tips

Introduction The internet has changed the way the world works, and that applies to financial investments too. The world wide web has not only opened up new investment opportunities, but it has also created new routes to market, especially for smaller or first-time investors, or for people who traditionally use conventional stockbrokers. Whilst those new […]

If You Get Scammed, Can You Get Your Money Back?

Introduction The internet has opened up many new ways of doing business, and that includes trading in binary options and forex. If you’re looking to make money in this way, chances are you’ll be using a broker. For the most part, brokers are genuine and trustworthy. But sadly there are some unscrupulous operators whose only […]

The Most Prominent Stock Scams in History

It is extremely important for investors to remain updated about the latest happenings in financial markets. Keeping track of emerging developments ultimately empowers smarter investment decision-making. At the same time, it is vital to acquire knowledge about past instances of fraud in order to learn from them. It is worth noting that stock scams are […]