The $155 Million Pump and Dump Stock Scam in Hong Kong

pump and dock stock symbols

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many of us trapped indoors with nowhere to spend our disposable income. Stuck at home, people have been turning to the stock market in droves as a way to make some extra cash, hedge against inflation and even as a way to simply pass the time. However, millions of new […]

17 Cryptocurrency Investment Scams You Must Know About

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The seemingly unstoppable bull run of 2021 has seen Bitcoin regularly reach staggering new highs while taking a whole clutch of other cryptocurrencies along for the ride. The price peaks have been spurred on by increasing institutional investment and the adoption by big-name investors like Elon Musk. This has brought a flood of brand new […]

Military Romance Scams – All About Scammers Posing as Soldiers

soldier on dating website

What Is a Military Romance Scam? With the rise of dating websites, apps and social media platforms, those looking for true love have more options than ever before to find their perfect partner. However, the online world can be plagued with scammers, waiting to take advantage of vulnerable lonely hearts and con as much money […]

What Is a Nigerian Facebook Scam and How You Can Avoid it

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The History of Nigerian Facebook Scams The Nigerian Facebook scams we see today have their origins back in the early days of the internet during the 1990s, when scammers would send thousands of spam emails asking for cash. We’re all familiar with the old Nigerian Prince scheme, in which fraudsters would email victims pretending to […]

Instagram Bitcoin Scams: The Dangerous Truth in 2021

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Instagram and Bitcoin have some stuff in common. Both are relative newcomers to the digital space, and both have experienced unprecedented growth in recent times. Instagram started life in 2010 as a simple mobile app for sharing photos and videos, but it’s grown to become much more than that. It’s now one of the most […]

Scams On Dating Sites Are Real! Avoid Them With our Must-Read 2021 Guide

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We’ve all heard of well-known online scams involving cryptocurrencies or the notorious Nigerian prince email. But the average losses from these two frauds are nothing when compared to dating site scams. Amazingly, on average, only fake investment schemes are more costly to victims. A report from the Federal Trade Commission shared that in 2020 over […]

A New Bitcoin Scam is in the Making on Twitter and Across Social Media

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Back In July 2020, Twitter was hit by a Bitcoin scam. Scammers hacked into a number of high-profile accounts and sent out a Tweet asking Bitcoin investors to lodge money to a specific cryptocurrency account. In return, twice the amount would be sent back to them, as a “charitable gesture.” Because the Tweet appeared to […]

Risk-Free Investments: Do They Exist?

isk-Free Investments: Do They Exist?

As we live through some of the most turbulent economic times in recent history, it’s totally understandable that more of us are looking for much safer places to squirrel away our savings, but are there any perfect risk-free investments out there, and how do we navigate today’s marketplace? The Benefits of Investing Whatever the state […]

Is Cryptocurrency Legit? Legal Issues Of “Unconventional” Currencies

Is Cryptocurrency Legit? Legal Issues Of “Unconventional” Currencies

Think cryptocurrency, and most people immediately think of Bitcoin. Amazingly, the king of cryptocurrency was first released and traded as recently as 2009. From small beginnings, experts now reckon Bitcoin has an astonishing market capitalization of over $350 billion. It’s clear that Bitcoin is here to stay. Where Bitcoin led, other cryptocurrencies followed. Although Bitcoin […]